Another beautiful auroral display visible from Canberra on 22 April 2017

After the clouds cleared at around 9pm, I headed out keen to see if I could also photograph the aurora that was triggered by geomagnetic storm levels that approached G3. Awesome shots, particularly from the southern part of the South Island of New Zealand were proudly hitting the internet.

Well I was successful and pleased to capture some lovely shots of the aurora.

One of the highlights is the social dimension of this absorbing pastime and it was great to link up again with Peter Lavender for another shoot. We had located a great elevated shot and intend to go back once we have spoken to the landowner. Some readers may have seen Doug Ingram's work "Nightscapes". the work is followed by over 20,000 people on twitter. Well Doug and I had been in contact during the earlier part of the evening and to cut a long story short Doug decided to join us!

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