Wilderness aurora 5 August 2019

On 5 August 2019, we experienced some fantastic auroral action which was visible according to the reports I have seen as far north as 33 degrees south.

Good friend David and I drove up to a spot 1370 metres high that provides a commanding view of the southern horizon know as Legoland for its enormous granite tors. We perched our tripods just on dusk and waited for it to get dark. there was a 23% illuminated moon which was due to set at around 9 pm. By 7:15 pm the full extent of the aurora could be seen as a yellow arc perched just over the hills marking the southern horizon. A purple colouration could be seen extending up from the yellow of the aurora. It was a magnificent sight. Despite it been Winter and the altitude, we were not cold and it was very pleasant. We speculated that down in the valley (the Orroral Valley, the site of the former Orroral tracking Station) that it would be much colder, perhaps close the freezing.

The following images show the development of the aurora and the different stages as it tapered off towards moonset.

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